Swedish Big Tits Legend Uschi Digard

Swedish-born huge boobs bombshell Uschi Digard, often also called Uschi Digart, is one of those rare first of a kind pin-ups who emerged from relatively timid softcore nudity to dip a deeply surprising toe in to the early hardcore movies of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was something her fans didn't expect to see, pretty much the thrill of an unexpected modern-day celebrity sex tape moment.

She was most famously a Russ Meyer girl on screen. The cult big boobs loving director cast her in a string of his movies. Buxom 44DDD-26-35 Uschi Digard has the distinction of being among just a handful of Meyer starlets to have appeared in hardcore. She rarely said a lot of dialogue in his movies, her Swedish accent remained heavy even after living many years in America. But those who might suggest that could hint at a bimbo-esque lack of ability or intellect would be pretty wide of the mark in Uschi's case. She was a voracious reader and quite the natural linguist.

Born in a small village just outside Stockholm in Sweden on 15 August 1948, as a child Uschi went to a school run by nuns and digested books like other kids did candy. She had read every book in her little village library by the age of seven. She didn't like to read books that had been translated and so ended up teaching herself English, German, Italian, Spanish, three Scandinavian languages and French. Before modelling and acting, that knowledge helped Uschi work briefly as a translator in the jewelry trade. Her looks, however, had always made Uschi Digard pretty damn difficult to ignore.

"When I started to develop at 11 I had to strap myself in, because it wasn't seemly to have breasts, and we all wore uniforms. By age 15 I was a 40DD," she recalls. The modelling agents and the casting directors soon came calling. Uschi made a string of raunchy erotic movies in her native Sweden before heading for the US, where she quickly established herself as one of the most famous big bust models of the late 60s and early 1970s. As well as her Russ Meyer outings, Uschi strutted her naked stuff in now cult movies like Ilsa, She-Wolf Of The SS and Female Chauvinists, where she is part of a gang of lesbians who rob a sylvan sperm bank in a surreal dream scene.

The late 70s saw the height of the Golden Age Of Porn film with scripts and Uschi Digard was tempted to appear in a few alongside other big name Russ Meyer starlets like Kitten Natividad and Candy Samples. Getting to see Uschi star alongside porn legend John Holmes was never something many of her fans had dreamed to see. She also turned up in the occasional porn loop stag movie which remain collector's items to this day. Fans of movie trivia can spot Uschi naked in the very much mainstream John Landis film Kentucky Fried Movie, in which she does a nude shower scene under the name Ursula Digard.

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