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Fresh-faced, all natural busty 1970s covergirl Roberta Pedon was listed as one of the top five American covergirls between 1968 and 1980 by erotica historian Dian Hanson in her The History of Men's Magazines book series. And Roberta's continuing popularity with hardcore big boob fans certainly puts her up there among the enduring legends of the mammoth mams genre.

She was born Rosma Grantoviskis (of Latvian refugee parents) in Ohio on 2 May 1954. She moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s after a short time studying at UCLA. Well-known glamour photographers Bob Ellison and John Kirk are credited with having discovered her. She went by a number of pseudonyms for a while - including Melody O'Hare, thought to be a former best friend from junior high - before finally settling on Roberta Pedon by 1973. It's claimed her mother regarded her developing daughter as something of a freak growing up because of her inordinately large breasts, but now those magnificent hooters began to earn her some big bucks.

After a first nude appearance in The Swinger magazine, big boob fetish magazines across Europe and the US were soon lining up to shoot her. Busty 36DD-26-36 Roberta wanted to be in the movies and got her way thanks to contacts at American Art Enterprises, a Los Angeles company that specialized in pornographic shoots and loops, who recommended both Roberta Pedon and Nika Movenka to the director of the 70s sexploitation movie Delinquent Schoolgirls aka Carnal Madness. Roberta dropped her regular American accent for the role, adopting instead a European voice said to be a parody of her mother. With the boom in B-movie nostalgia, Delinquent Schoolgirls resurfaced on DVD as recently as 2008.

Roberta Pedon now had the acting bug and auditioned straight after for the lead female role in the Jan-Michael Vincent film Buster And Billie. She didn't get the part and details of her life thereafter are somewhat sketchy. There are claims of relationships with an actor from the Planet Of The Apes movie, another with a TV star who died in mysterious circumstances in 1978, and a longer fling with the writer Gustav Hasford, author of The Short Timers which proved inspiration for the film Full Metal Jacket. Some say Roberta Pedon spiralled down in to drug abuse and premature death by the early 80s; others that she deliberately disappeared off the map and settled down to a married life with kids. Whatever the truth, her biggest all-naturals talents live on forever both in photos and the rare handful of nude collectors movies she shot at the height of her covergirl fame.

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