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Blonde goddess pornstar legend Olinka Hardiman was the smouldering queen of classy 1980s European hardcore porn, coming to fame in a whole string of X-rated mainly French, German and Italian produced movies which cast her in the role of a kinky Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Many guys growing up probably weren't even aware that Olinka's movies were actually hardcore, since they have been shown so often as softcore cut versions on late night TV, particularly in European countries like France and Germany.

That perhaps bears testimony to the fact that Olinka's movies came from an era when, much the same as in the US, the higher financed end of euro smut still concentrated on making genuine movies with a plot and a script, as well as uncut sex. In Olinka's case, thanks to her uncanny likeness to Marilyn Monroe, those scripts almost wrote themselves - often involving 33D-26-34 Olinka's pin-up bombshell Marilyn character undertaking Emmanuelle style sojourns to exotic European locations, where she'd dance, wiggle, tease and eventually fuck for all she was worth, usually slipping in and out of all manner of expensive lingerie in the process.

Olinka quit making X-rated movies in the early 1990s after a decade at the top of the euro porn scene, but she remains for many ardent fans the Grand Priestess of golden age euro hardcore. Olinka was born on 16 January 1960 and was in her thirties by the time of her retirement. She appeared under many aliases during her time in porn. They include Marilyn Lamour, Marilyn Mitchell, Olinka Petrova, Olinka Petrowa, Olinka Wilde and Olinka Richter.

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